MedTech Playbook

Solutions for Medical Technology Companies & Investors

MedTech Playbook helps medical device and healthcare IT companies innovate and commercialize technologies that improve patient care. We assist companies in understanding the impact of healthcare changes on procurement and adoption of digital technologies by healthcare providers, and develop integrated product management, clinical affairs and marketing strategies. MedTech Playbook leverages proven B2B innovation and marketing tools to accelerate revenue growth in a capital efficient manner. We analyze clinical workflows and purchase criteria to identify reimbursement strategies and relevant clinical and economic outcomes, and deliver plans that optimize marketing and sales investment.

Joe Camaratta

Joe Camaratta specializes in medical technology innovation and commercialization, taking products from concept to clinical adoption. He held executive positions for a $2B+ global medical technology organization, and built businesses with revenues in the $35 to $300 million range. He founded and led two early stage medical technology companies that apply artificial intelligence to improve clinical decision-making.

Joe started MedTech Playbook to help medical technology companies understand changes in healthcare procurement and adoption of innovative technologies that impact patient care, and provide them with tools that result in commercial success. He brings extensive experience in product management and commercial launch in a range of business environments, including startups and Fortune 500 companies.


University Science Center, QED Program Selection Committee and Business Advisor

Provide business development support for early-stage life science and healthcare IT technologies with high commercial potential. Retire business risk and increase attractiveness to follow-on investment by established life science companies and private investors.

Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, Entrepreneur Investment Review, Committee Member

Review and provide input on proposals from companies and academic investigators to support product-oriented research & development. Special focus on healthcare IT and diagnostics. 

American Heart Association, Science and Technology Accelerator, Committee Member

Participate in screening and due diligence of investment opportunities that support reducing deaths from cardiovascular disease and improving the cardiovascular health of all Americans.

Select Client Engagements

Fortune 300 medical technology company

Focus: Generate customer insights to develop new cybersecurity services

  • Analyzed “jobs to be done” for healthcare providers for cybersecurity of medical devices.
  • Assessed internal capabilities and competitive offerings to inform the development of new cybersecurity services.
  • Developed business plan for selected services to support investment for commercialization.

Fortune 50 information technology company

Focus: Develop commercialization strategy for AI-based clinical decision support system

  • Created a plan to operationalize healthcare provider segmentation across four business units.
  • Developed a data-driven account coverage model and introduced recommended assignments to sales leaders.
  • Interviewed marketing and sales leadership and provided recommendations for improved alignment in areas of marketing campaigns and cross-business initiatives.

Small cap in-vitro diagnostics company

Focus: Generate customer insights and plan to commercialize new in-vitro diagnostics

  • Conducted market research to document patient flows for lung cancer patients. 
  • Tested impact of new screening and diagnostic tests on patient flows, and identified criteria for early adoption of new tests.
  • Created a value proposition and commercialization strategy for new diagnostic tests for screening and staging of lung cancer.